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Unfairly Fired: What Qualifies as Wrongful Termination?

November 13, 2022 By: Charles Lamberton

The Great Resignation is a term used to describe the mass resignation of employees from their jobs. This is the nearly 3% of the American workforce that has chosen to leave their employment on their own accord. But you may be surprised to learn that there were an additional 1.4 million individuals who were either […]

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Caregiver discrimination at work

November 2, 2022 By: Charles Lamberton

Caregiver discrimination is also known as family responsibilities discrimination. It means that an employer is treating an employee differently in the workplace because of the employee’s responsibility to provide care for family members. Employers often discriminate based on family responsibilities when they refuse to hire, deny promotions, harass, pay less, or otherwise take negative employment […]

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Court finds employer’s business judgment is BS

October 24, 2022 By: Charles Lamberton

The so-called “business judgment” rule is subject to the “BS” rule; if the facts show that the employer’s business judgment isn’t credible, the claims will go to trial. A recent example comes from a New York federal court in Roa v. Staples, Inc., August 9, 2017, Briccetti, V. The issue in Roa was whether the employer […]

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