Pittsburgh Employment Attorney / Spotting Discrimination

Look for these suspicious circumstances

a. Supervisors, managers or co-workers have made ageist, sexist, racist or derogatory comments.

b. You were neither disciplined nor criticized before you were terminated.

c. Your employer previously tolerated the same things it is now complaining about.

d. Your employer has given different reasons for its action.

e. Other employees not in your protected class were not held to the same standards.

f. Your employer’s business judgment seems irrational.

g. The facts given by your employer to justify its decision are untrue.

h. Your employer’s action follows closely in time after you complained about something at work.

i. Your employer did not follow its own written policies when in taking the action against you.

j. Other employees in your protected class have also experienced discrimination.

k. Other managers, supervisors or employees found you to be a good employee.

l. Customers found you to be a good employee.

m. You received good performance evaluations, awards, pay raises or promotions.

n. You were replaced by someone less qualified or less experience.

o. You were not asked for your side of the story.

In most cases. you only have 300 days from the time your employer acted against you to file a Charge of Discrimination.  Sometimes the period is only 180 days.  Do not delay or hesitate, or you could lose your right to recover damages.