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Charles A. Lamberton has extensive experience helping clients resolve their harassment, discrimination, and wrongful termination claims. If you feel that you’ve been treated unlawfully by your employer, a Pittsburgh employment attorney can answer any questions you might have about your specific circumstances.

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Fighting for Fairness in Pittsburgh, PA

Fairness and equity are critical to the success of a company’s workforce and to a good culture. Still, discrimination, harassment, and other unethical and potentially illegal behavior can occur in any workplace. Knowing your rights and having the courage to seek help when you’ve been wronged are the key first steps to receiving the justice you deserve.

Federal and State Laws That Protect Workers

There are many federal laws that protect employees from workplace discrimination and retaliation. The most well-known laws are:

– The Americans with Disabilities Act
– The Age Discrimination in Employment Act
– The Civil Rights Act of 1964
– The Pregnancy Discrimination Act
– The Equal Pay Act of 1963
– The Family and Medical Leave Act
– The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act

If you have been discriminated against based on sex, gender, race, religion, disability, age, pregnancy, or any other protected classification, reach out to an experienced Pittsburgh employment lawyer like Charles A. Lamberton. He can navigate the complex state and federal laws and determine the best possible course of action for your case.

Eradicating Gender Discrimination

Gender discrimination includes discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, pregnancy, and childbirth.
While most federal laws relating to discrimination apply to employers with a minimum of 15 or 20 employees, Pennsylvania workers are also protected under the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act.

Speaking with a Pittsburgh employment lawyer can help you determine which employment laws have been violated and what your options are moving forward.

Taking Action Against Sexual Harassment

There is no place for sexual harassment at any time, but it can be especially frightening to be sexually harassed at work. Many victims of sexual harassment are reluctant to speak up, and this fear is compounded when there is the possibility of retaliation by a supervisor or manager.

Retaliation is negative treatment, attention, or consequences as a result of an employee’s decision to report workplace harassment. Retaliation can include being fired, demoted, or suspended, but it can also be more subtle. Getting assigned undesirable projects or clients, having your hours decreased, being scheduled during unfavorable shifts, or being denied opportunities available to other employees are all examples of potential retaliation.

If this type of treatment does occur, how should you respond to it? Speaking with a Pittsburgh employment attorney is a good idea because the laws that govern employment issues and discriminatory practices are complex. Charles A. Lamberton believes that everyone should be free from workplace harassment, and he will advocate for you and your right to a safe employment environment.

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Proving Your Discrimination Claim

Establishing a foundation of solid evidence to substantiate your claim is a crucial beginning step in your case. The experienced team at Lamberton Law Firm will speak with you to provide a personalized approach to your individual case; this ensures that you are getting the best possible plan tailored to your specific needs. There are a few initial questions to address:

– Are you a member of a legally protected class?
– Were you performing your job satisfactorily, or were you qualified for the job you applied for?
– Did your employer or potential employer take adverse action against you?

Adverse action includes things like demotions, reassignments, suspensions, and termination. Other negative behaviors can also be considered adverse action, and a Pittsburgh employment attorney can determine if the treatment you’ve experienced may be an adverse action.

Documents, emails, and text messages can make a huge difference in cases like these. The burden of proof lies with the plaintiff, who is the person that alleges the wrongdoing and files the claim. Charles A. Lamberton has decades of experience helping his clients prove their cases, and he can help you gather the documents you need to prove your case.

A knowledgeable Pittsburgh employment lawyer like Mr. Lamberton understands employment discrimination and harassment cases and can navigate the process from start to finish. Knowing the right questions to ask and what type of evidence will be the most useful will lay the groundwork for a successful case.

Your testimony will also play a part, so take some time to write down anything you can remember relating to the events of retaliation, discrimination, or harassment. Include dates, locations, and names and titles of anyone responsible for or involved with your unfair treatment. There may also be coworkers or other employees who are victims of the same type of treatment. If you can think of anyone who may be able to corroborate your version of events or who may have their own negative experience, you should also document that as well.