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Why Pittsburgh employment discrimination attorney Charles Lamberton? Because some employers still discriminate based on age, gender, disability national origin, skin color and even military duty. Some supervisors harass and bully their reports. Some bosses retaliate against people who complain about discrimination. Call us now and put one of the premier Pittsburgh employment lawyers to work for you today.

Success Stories

Fighting systemic age discrimination

We sued an international technology company that was systematically replacing its older workers with Millennials as part of a youth branding campaign. Our litigation spawned dozens of copy-cat cases across the Country and helped bring the company's age discrimination to an end.

Fighting systemic disability discrimination

We filed a class action lawsuit against an international company forcing many of its workers to choose between their prescription medications and their jobs. Our lawsuit was instrumental in ending that unlawful practice so employees could take their medications without fear of being fired.

Restoring client's good name and reputation

When a major police department fired a 30-year veteran officer for breaking the blue wall of silence and reporting other officers who had badly beaten an African-American, we went to trial and secured a jury verdict that restored our client's good name and reputation.

Protecting employees' access to the courts

When an international medical center was forcing its employees to sign agreements that unlawfully waived important legal rights to access the court system, we filed a systemic discrimination case and fought for four years to bring that practice to an end.

Take a look at some of our results

  • $2 Million – Wrongful death
  • $1.5 Million – Wrongful termination
  • $950,000 – Age discrimination
  • $820,000 – False Claims Act
  • $750,000 – Military service discrimination
  • $725,000 – Sexual harassment
  • $725,000 – Military service discrimination
  • $600,000 – Insurance bad faith
  • $500,000 – Sexual harassment
  • $500,000 – Age discrimination
  • $490,000 – Sexual harassment
  • $450,000 – Disability discrimination


As a law enforcement officer of nearly 30 years’ experience, and a witness in hundreds of trials, I can honestly say your performance was the finest I have ever seen. Your thoroughness in case preparation, and outstanding presentation, is only surpassed by your personal sense of justice. Your character and feel for your craft is a credit to your profession. It was an extreme honor having you represent me.  
Lt. James McCullough

Absolutely fabulous.  Brilliant.  
Diane DeCecco, Health Information Director

Mr. Lamberton saved my family’s future and renewed our faith in the judicial system.  He changed our lives.  
Cynthia Ebert, Nursing Assistant

Charles Lamberton is a very kind and caring attorney to work with.  He took keen personal interest in my case from day one and produced successful results.    
Padmarao Jevaji, M.D.

I had a case against a huge corporation.  I was angry, hurt and scared.  I cannot tell you how glad I was to hire Mr. Charles Lamberton.  You could not ask for a better attorney.  I worked with this man for a few years and let me tell you, he worked very hard for me and was phenomenal.  
Brian Watson, River Boat Pilot

I’m glad I had you on my side, giving me the strength to continue through to the end.  
Christina Balmert, Regional Sales Manager

Thank you sincerely for fighting for us!  We feel very fortunate to have met you during such a rough time.  
Kelly Sabol, Production Engineer
How Can A Pittsburgh Employment Attorney Help You?

How Can A Pittsburgh
Employment Attorney Help You?

Your employer has resources on its side; it also controls the documents and witnesses, at least at the beginning. A Pittsburgh employment lawyer knows how to collect key evidence of discrimination, retaliation, or harassment from your employer both when working with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and after an employment lawsuit is filed in court. This evidence is very important and often makes the difference between winning and losing.

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