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Marginalization as retaliation

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Sometimes doing what's right means complaining about sexual harassment, blowing the whistle on wrongdoing, or insisting that the Company follow the law and play by the rules. When employees show this kind of character, employer's often don't appreciate it. Sometimes they respond with marginalization.

Marginalization takes many forms. All of them are designed to freeze you out, make you miserable and hopefully get you to quit. Your boss may suddenly stop responding to your emails. You may be excluded from meetings. Your job duties might be transferred to other people. The list goes on. But if this is happening because you engaged in legally protected activity, it is unlawful retaliation and you don't have to sit by and put up with it. The Pittsburgh employment lawyers at our office are very adept at spotting unlawful retaliation and helping our clients respond with appropriate action. No employee should be punished for doing the right thing. That's simple fairness and it is also the law. If you are being marginalized at work, talk to a Pittsburgh employment attorney before you make a decision to leave your job. If you quit first, it is much harder to bring a legal claim.