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The infamous bloc of five

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This is the radical bloc of the United States Supreme Court - five men with life tenure, united in their right wing religious and political views - disdainful of precedent, disdainful of regulation and disdainful of all whose beliefs differ from their own. These are the men who gutted the Voting Rights Act, who determined that for-profit corporations have souls with religious liberties that exempt them from generally applicable laws, and who ensured that corporate interest groups and moneyed elites will always control election outcomes in our Country. These men who practice their extreme brand of politics through statutory and constitutional adjudication have betrayed the American people whose representatives in the Senate bestowed on them the privilege of appointment to the Supreme Court. To Lincoln's great vision of  government of the people, by the people and for the people, these men are death incarnate. Everyday employment lawyers from Pittsburgh and throughout our great Nation fight the corporations to whom these five men have granted so much power at the expense of so many working men and women. We place ourselves on the front line of the timeless fight between capital and labor and work tirelessly to ensure that labor never loses its right to be free from discrimination and harassment in the workplace. In Pittsburgh, a city steeped in the traditions of organized labor, Pittsburgh employment attorneys know that the cause of their work is the cause of the working man and woman. We believe that power can, does and always will seek to increase and expand its power by taking from those of meager means, by oppressing workers and by exploiting the employer/employee relationship. We therefore hold several truths to be self-evident: that working men and women are the soul and lifeblood of the United States of America, that working men and women have an inalienable right to equal opportunities in the workplace, and that when employers oppress, stifle or discriminate against their workers, workers shall have the finest legal representation available to vindicate their rights. We at the Lamberton Law Firm are proud to fight for workers and to help restore justice in the workplace.