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You have many legal rights as an employee, including the rights to be free from discrimination, retaliation and unlawful harassment. Charles A. Lamberton is a top-rated Pittsburgh employment lawyer who has recovered millions of dollars for his clients. He represents executives, managers and professionals in high-end discrimination, retaliation, sexual harassment and wrongful termination cases. A Pittsburgh employment lawyer can help if you have been wrongfully discharged or sexually harassed at work. You should contact an experienced Pittsburgh employment lawyer as early as possible. An employment lawyer will review your case and tell you about your options and legal rights. Knowing whether you have claims for wrongful termination, discrimination, retaliation or sexual harassment is the first step toward the justice you deserve.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment comes in many forms. It includes unwanted touching, sexual attention, sexual comments and other improper conduct of a sexual nature. It may be physical, verbal or written in text messages, emails or other documents. Click below to connect with Charles A. Lamberton, a top-rated Pittsburgh sexual harassment lawyer.

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Harassment in the work place

Disability Discrimination

Disability discrimination occurs when people are treated differently at work because of a disability or because the employer does not want to provide a reasonable accommodation. Click below to connect with Charles A. Lamberton, one Pittsburgh’s best disability discrimination lawyers. 

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Harassment in the work place

Age Discrimination

Ageism is one of the most common kinds of prejudice in America. Older workers are stereotyped as stubborn, resistant to change, slow, unmotivated and unfamiliar with technology. Some companies want younger employees simply because they are young. Older workers who have contributed decades of excellent service are shown the door. Why seek help from a Pittsburgh age discrimination lawyer like Charles A. Lamberton? Because he’s helped his age discrimination clients recover millions of dollars in compensation.

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